Harrison Department (f/k/a Boone County District Court)

Please note City Trials WILL be set on the following dates:

January 24

February 28

March 13

April 10

May 22

June 26

July 17

August 28

September 25

October 23

November 13


Please note County Trials WILL be set on the following dates:


January: 3rd and 17th

February: 7th and 21st

March: 6th and 27th

April: 3rd and 17th

May:1st, 15th and 29th

June: 12th

July: 10th and 24th

August: 7th and 21st

September: 4th and 18th

October: 2nd and 16th

November: 6th and 20th



Parking for all court sessions is in the lot at the church across the street from the Federal Building. Handicap accessible spots are available in front of the Federal Building. 

Harrison Department (Boone County) Arraignments:

Arraignments are held on Thursdays and Trials are held on Wednesdays. Please check in at the Clerk's Office. On any court day, you will need to check in with the bailiff before entering the courtroom. 

***We do NOT reschedule on the day of court***

Arraignments AND Trials begin at 9:00 a.m. As of May 13th, 2021, we will no longer have a 1:00 p.m. court session. Please check in for court before the session begins. 

If you have plead NOT GUILTY on a charge(s):

Trials are held on Wednesdays. They begin at 9:00 a.m. We do NOT reschedule on the day of trial. The Prosecuting Attorney is only here on Trial days. 

County Prosecutor:

Cole Ezell

email: cole@14thpa.com

Harrison, AR 72601

Phone: 870-656-3831

City Prosecutor:

Nancy Cartwright

Phone: 870-517-5879

Harrison, AR 72601

Public Defender:

Dan Hancock

Phone: 870-743-3900

Fax: 870-743-5569

J Smith Henley Federal Bldg

402 N. Walnut (2nd floor)

Harrison, AR 72601

Drug and Alcohol Safety Program thru Ozark Guidance

Screening are done by Arisa Health DASEP. 

Contact Number: 479-202-8040

email: victimimpactpanel@ozarkguidance.org

Harrison Police Department:

Phone: 870-741-5463

Fax: 870-741-1678

116 S. Spring Street

Harrison, AR 72601

Boone County Sheriff Office:

Phone: 870-741-8404

Fax: 870-429-0003

5800 Law Drive

Harrison, AR 72601


Probation Officer:

David Orsborn

Phone: 870-741-4533


Boone County Probation

P.O. Box 454

Harrison, AR 72602



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